CCM Magazine Reviews "Warrior"

By Natasha Owens

★ "Following hard off the optimism of her sophomore outing, We Will Rise, celebrated artist Natasha Owens is back with Warrior, a record that finds her continuing in push forward in faith, embracing the scars and trials that have brought her thus far. Joining her for the ride is Grammy-winning producer Ian Eskelin, whose touch guides the artist into more pop-flavored waters, infusing some distinctive ‘80s-style flair along the way.

Eskelin’s influence rears its head from the very start with “Escape,” with synth tones brightly underscoring a lyric of God’s relentless love. The title track makes its own stand with big, bold percussive notes and layered vocals shining in radio ready glory. “Get Behind Me” follows suit, utilizing a driving rhythm that sets the table for Owens’ smooth vocals as she sings of her confidence in Christ, highlighting that confidence even more with worship anthems like the rousing “Rock of Our Salvation” and “Surrender.”

Featuring a solid mixture of vertical praise and pop-flavored jams, Natasha Owens’ Warrior will be a welcome listen to longtime listeners."