Review of Warrior by The Review Zone

By Natasha Owens

Excerpt from The Review Zone — Click here to read it on their website.


Contemporary vocalist Natasha Owens has been undergoing a transformation of her own. Fans of her music saw her at her most raw, sharing the heartache and pain she experienced in the aftermath of her father’s sudden passing with her debut album, I Made it Through. Now, with her third album, Warrior, Owens brings listeners into 10 songs of overcoming — and in the process, reintroducing herself lyrically, sonically and thematically. I loved the opening song, “Escape.” Bright synths and terrific vocals declare; “No matter what you’ve done, you’ll never escape the love of Jesus.” The title track follows in similar formula, before there’s a change of pace with “Race to Run.” This time, there’s more of a choppy rhythm, but it’s still enjoyable. “Rock of Salvation” comes over more like a worship song and, although nice, it sounds a little out of place on this album. The real “purple patch” for this track listing begins with “Get Behind Me.” It’s such a strong song in all ways, and focuses on what to do with  fear, worry and doubt. That’s followed by the short and snappy pop song that is, “Best Days of My Life.” It’s such a joy to hear, and one that I instantly played again. And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes “When You Call My Name.” Guitars drive the song along and Natasha’s vocals have such feeling. Closing the album is the very moving “Surrender.” Put your trust in Him. This album reminded me of that classic Margaret Becker album “Never for Nothing.” That one made a big difference in my life, and Natasha’s “Warrior” is another that I can see lasting the test of time.   10/10."